Missing Persons

Reuniting Family Members

Our primary purpose is to reunite family members who wish to find each 

Missing persons application process

All inquiries should be directed to the Missing Persons/Family Tracing office in The Salvation Army Territory where the inquirer resides.  Visit our locations page to find more information about Salvation Army locations near you.

An Inquiry Application Form must be completed, signed and sent by mail, accompanied by the necessary documents and fees, to the address of the office nearest you, which should be indicated in the form.

• Please, note that original signature is required.
• Do not send any legal documents, photos, or certificates. These materials cannot be used for a search (except for overseas cases).
• The $25.00 non-refundable Application fee is only a token charge. It does not cover the cost of setting up a case or searching for your missing person. Your further contributions to help offset the cost of this service are welcomed.

When the application is received, it will be reviewed and evaluated to determine that

• it meets our guidelines (The inquiry falls within the scope of our investigation program) and,
• sufficient information has been provided to enable us to do a search (acceptance or rejection as a case).

In due course, we will advise you by mail concerning the status of your application for inquiry. If a case is not accepted, appropriate referrals will be made.

Next Steps for missing persons application

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