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Meet The Ashland Kroc Center Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board Members

The Salvation Army Ashland Kroc Center advisory board consists of a wide spectrum of hard-working men and women who share in the vision to transform and restore lives in the city of Ashland.

Chris Blough
Member Since 2014
Mennonite Mutual Insurance
"I joined the Kroc Center Advisory Board to support and hopefully amplify the good work that God is doing through the organization in our community."
Kaitlin Chandler
Member Since 2018
Alicia Camak
Internship Coordinator
Ohio State Univ-Mansfield
Dr. Rob Pool
VP of Student Affairs
Ashland University
Melanie Miller
Executive Director
Ashland Care Center
Aaron Huestis
IT Field Operations Manager
UH Samaritan/Elyria/Portage
"The Kroc Center is a unique community center that on one hand serves those with tangible needs and on the other hand support spiritual needs."
Jill Welch
Senior HR Generalist
UH Samaritan Hospital
"I fully support the vision of the Kroc Center, the wonderful services and am excited to be part of this vision and see the growth within the community"
Caleb Burns
Soundfall Media
"Having participated in activities at the Kroc prior to joining the AB, I love being able to give back to the community of Ashland and TSA."
Dr. Doug Marrah
Ashland City Schools
Mary Hartley
RES Auction Services
Ryan Emmons
Vice President
Whitaker Myers
Gabe Plank
Support Consultant
Ali Barnhart
Member Since 2019
Spire Advertising
"I joined because I believe in and have admired the work the Salvation Army has done in our community through social services and the wonderful program"
Aaron Pauly
Economic Development
Denise Gillette
Member Since 2017
Maurer Photography
Josh Aspin
Assistant Prosecutor
Ashland County

The Salvation Army Advisory Board Mission Statement

The Advisory Board is the volunteer army behind the Army that interprets community needs, advocates programs to the community, and provides support to the Army’s efforts to render effective service.

The Salvation Army conducts a variety of religious and charitable activities in the community. It is the purpose of the board to assist The Salvation Army in the conduct of these activities by being familiar with all phases of its operations in the community, by formulating plans for the improvement of the facilities and programs offered, and by making recommendations with respect to fund-raising, community relations, program and expenditures.

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 Why do you choose to serve on the Salvation Army/Kroc Center Advisory Board? 

"I serve because I believe in and have admired the work the Salvation Army has done in our community through social services and the wonderful programs they offer for everyone. I wanted to be open to an opportunity to help give insight, ideas and encouragement to all the work already being done in the community. It's a joy to support such an organization!"

–Alison Barnhart, Advisory Board Member Since 2019


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