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Arts & Music

Performing Arts

Spotlight Music & Arts Learning Experience

Our main goal is to teach our children various performing arts as a means to develop their skills and talents that will let them express ideas in an artistic manner. This goal will be directly linked with a sense of praise and worship in every aspect of its teaching. Our focus of the practices and lessons will be to encourage a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ both in the artistic performance and in everyday life. 

$20 per student (sibling discounts available)

Music Class

These classes teach the techniques to play various musical instruments. Music theory concepts such as reading and writing music are also included to put into practice when playing the instruments.  

Theater Class

This class focuses on acting skills and basic concepts of theatre production such as directing, stage design, and playwriting. Activities include techniques to overcome stage fright, develop self confidence, speak in front of an audience, and improve social skills while participating in a friendly team environment.

Dance Class

The Dayton Kroc Center has a rich history with dance. Dance class focuses mainly on sacred dance moves and techniques to be used in church praise and worship environment. Some of the activities include physical conditioning, rhythmic synchronization, and team oriented social skills.  

Private Music Lessons

Learn to play or improve your skill with private music lessons. Private Lessons are for students devoted to their instrument and will require outside practice.  

Lessons Being Offered: 

  • Brass 
  • Percussion

Cost: $15 (per half-hour lesson)

Please call (937) 529-5100 for the availability of classes.

Meet the Staff

Ricardo Colón
Music & Creative Arts Manager

Ricardo comes to The Dayton Kroc Center via The Guayama Kroc Center in Puerto Rico. He studied music performance and music education, and has extensive experience with music and performing arts programming. Ricardo's instrument of choice is the cornet. He has had experience playing with various symphonic orchestras, chamber music groups, and brass bands. He has worked with The Salvation Army as a music instructor and bandmaster since 2008. Currently, Ricardo is a member of the Swoneky Divisional Brass Band.

Sara Sadri
Art Instructor

I have been drawing and painting since I was very young! I have dabbled in many different platforms and mediums of art, including watercolor, oil, acrylic traditional painting. I also do digital paintings! It is my goal to help you as an artist to find your creative center, mediation in the art, and explore the power of paint!

Kroc Cinema

Family-oriented movies are offered for the community in our state of the art movie theater. Check here often to see what our latest movies are. Admission, popcorn, and water are FREE!

Kroc Cinema is currently canceled due to COVID.


  • No admittance later than 15 minutes after the movie begins
  • No cell phone use or texting will be allowed during the movie
  • For Saturday Cinema on Saturday afternoons, any children under 10 must be accompanied by responsible adult or older sibling.
  • If a child has been dropped off to see a movie, parents must arrive 5 minutes prior to the end of the movie to pick up their child.
  • Please respect others by remaining seated once the movie has started.


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