Beyond School Supplies

Sep 1, 2023

The story below is a shining example of the impact you make by donating to The Salvation Army's Back-to-School efforts. Hundreds of such events take place, each with its unique stories, experiences and community impact. What you read below is just one snapshot of the collective effort to support children and families nationwide. Your support not only enriches individual lives but contributes to a nationwide movement of hope, transformation, and empowerment.

This summer, with your support, The Salvation Army not only provided incredible summer camp experiences, but also empowering back-to-school initiatives for children who needed it most.

At our recent back to school event, we proudly packed and distributed more than 240 backpacks, each bag thoughtfully prepared, personalized with the recipient's name, and filled with tools of possibility - notebooks, pencils, and supplies tailored to their grade level.

I bet you can picture the excitement of a child picking up their loaded backpack, exclaiming with pure delight that it's their favorite color or features their favorite superhero. These seemingly small moments are monumental, instilling confidence and joy in these young learners.

Beyond school supplies each child had the opportunity to select brand new books and as well as visit our clothing tent, generously stocked with Walmart-donated clothes, opening doors to self-expression and style.

This event was more than just a distribution of supplies. It was a coming together of community partners and local service providers. From counseling agencies to libraries, children's centers, even one that supplied every child with a fresh set of pajamas, everyone united to create a day of lasting impact.

One story that captures the essence of this event was that of our new friend, Jordyn. Earlier in the day we had a random set of Harry Potter pajamas that we set aside. It was as if they were waiting for a dedicated fan of the wizarding world. While we were getting to know Jordyn she beamed with excitement, sharing her passion for the Harry Potter series. Imagine her delight when we handed her a perfectly sized set of Harry Potter PJ's! Her smile could've lit up the sky!

Of course, the day was filled with more than just supplies. From hotdogs to snow cones, and even a bounce house, the event was a celebration of the simple joys of summertime. At the heart of our Back-to-School event, something truly special awaited the children - a prayer and activity table that served as the final stop on their journey. This space was a reminder of the power they hold to shape their school year into something truly "sweet". The table was filled with candy, each one representing an affirmation to carry into the school year. M&Ms serving as a reminder to be kind, Skittles representing love, Starbursts reminding them how smart they are, and Sour Patch Kids serving as a reminder of their importance and value. As the children chose their candies and added them to their bags, one little boy looked at us and said, "I am going to be all of these things this year!" Our hope is that every child carries with them the knowledge that they are valued, intelligent, compassionate, and above all, embraced by the love of Jesus.

As the sun sets on this unforgettable summer, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this incredible journey with us. From the sound of the first school bell this year, we will continue helping those same kids through our after-school programs. We invite you to join us in ensuring that children like Jordyn have the tools, resources, and opportunities they deserve. Your donation is more than a contribution; it's a pledge to empower dreams and inspire hope.

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