Camp Wonderland: The Happy Summer Place for Kids and Seniors - A Salvation Army Tradition

Jul 20, 2023

WBZ | CBS Boston recently ran an in-depth feature on Camp Wonderland in The Salvation Army Massachusetts Division, which is celebrating its 99th anniversary this year. The Salvation Army not only offers free or low-cost summer camps to children all over America; many of our camps, including Camp Wonderland, also offer senior camps for older folks who have little opportunity to get out into nature.

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Massapoag, Camp Wonderland in Sharon, Massachusetts, has earned the endearing title of "The Happy Summer Place" by The Salvation Army. With a sprawling 116-acre campus, the camp has been inviting children aged 6 to 14 and senior citizens from all across Massachusetts for an unforgettable overnight summer experience for nearly a century. From adventurous ropes courses to engaging STEM nature programs and serene boating on the lake, the camp offers a myriad of activities that foster growth, learning, and joy. Camp director Jen Forster emphasizes the transformative impact that camp life has on the campers, aiming to equip them with essential life skills that extend beyond the camp gates, enabling them to make positive contributions to their communities. For both kids and seniors, Camp Wonderland is a haven of camaraderie, laughter, and cherished memories, reminding us that even a few days at camp can make a profound difference.

Read the WBZ | CBS Boston story about Camp Wonderland.

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