Pathway of Hope: Cora's Journey to Starting Over

Apr 28, 2022 | by Empire State Division

Cora moved to New York State from Tennessee a year ago at Christmas time. She came with her husband and 3 disabled children. Cora chose to come to the state of New York because the services were better for her children. Unfortunately, Cora’s move came with some heavy problems.

Cora’s husband beat her with a baseball bat on Christmas eve and was sent to jail. While Cora knew he belonged in jail, he was the one bringing in money and she was a stay at home mom. To add to the stress, the COVID-19 pandemic started shortly after and Cora didn’t leave her home for 9 full months because she was caring for her children.

In May of 2020, Cora found The Salvation Army Pathway of Hope. She was living in a sad apartment with her children. They had 1 bedroom with the mattress on the floor. Finding housing was next to impossible during the pandemic and Cora was struggling to get out of her situation, but she wanted better.

A year after her husband attacked her, Cora’s family was adopted at Christmas time and The Salvation Army was able to bring a ton of gifts to Cora and her three children. This propelled Cora forward and shortly after the holiday she was able to secure a 3 bedroom, 2 floor apartment for her and her children.

Cora’s children are doing well and the house feels like home. “Nobody has ever cared about me this much before,” said Cora.

Cora has found success because, even at the lowest of lows, she never lost hope. She always wanted better. Pathway of Hope is designed for people like Cora who refuse to give up. No matter how bleak the situation is, our case managers are there to help you hold on to hope and celebrate all the victories. They also have access to ways to help you make progress. If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, have them reach out to their local Salvation Army Community Center.

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