Pathway of Hope: Visually Impaired and fighting for Better: How Lainey Never Lost Hope

Apr 28, 2022 | by Empire State Division

Lainey, like many others, felt like she was at a dead end suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is visually impaired and has two young children, both with special needs.

When the pandemic hit, Lainey was forced to give up her job to be home with her children. She couldn’t find childcare and she also had to give up her own appointments with CABVI, helping her with her vision impairment.

Lainey and her children lived in an apartment completely infested with bed bugs. The infestation was so bad they were crawling up the walls and her children couldn’t sleep at night because of it. Child Protective Services got involved and Lainey worked tirelessly to find a new place to live. Because of the pandemic, no one was moving and Lainey didn’t have stable income to help her get a new place.

“CPS is tough and breaks you down,” said Lainey. “But I had no choice but to do better for my children.” While it has been a long road, Lainey finally closed on her own home this past May.

“Lainey worked really hard to get a mortgage and have her own home,” said her Pathway of Hope case manager. Lainey accepted leaving everything behind to start completely fresh with her children in their new home. They were able to leave the infestation behind and Lainey is able to get back to working on her own health, too.

Lainey, like many others, is another example of why Pathway of Hope is so important. It is there for people in difficult situations who want better, whether it’s guidance, emotional support, or assistance in any form; Pathway of Hope helps people who want to get into a better situation get there.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Pathway of Hope, please contact your local Salvation Amy Community Center.

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