The Salvation Army: Angelique's Story

Apr 25, 2022 | by Southern New England Division

Food or Medicine: a Tough Choice No Family Should Have to Make

Despite Serious Health Problems, Angelique Is Now Fulfilling Her Dreams, Thanks to You

Four years ago, Angelique had to quit her job due to a serious illness. As the medical bills began piling up, she and her husband fell behind on their other household expenses. When the electric company threatened to shut off their power, the couple was suddenly faced with some tough choices. Pay the utility bill or cover the rent. Purchase food or buy medicine.

Not knowing where to turn, Angelique contacted The Salvation Army, which provided help with the utility bill and food so the couple and their 7-year-old daughter wouldn’t go hungry.

But Angelique wanted to do more than just survive. Because of you, she was able to join our Pathway of Hope program, designed to help hard-working, dedicated families who simply don’t have the means to get ahead on their own. 

Angelique was taught how to balance her family’s budget and how to set short- and longterm goals that lead to self-sufficiency. 

Then it happened. Just when things started to look up, Angelique’s husband was seriously injured in an auto accident. Once again, the medical bills began to pile up.

But Angelique never gave up on her dream. “Sometimes we may feel like our circumstances are overwhelming,” explains Lieutenant Kate Borerro of The Salvation Army. “But as time goes on, we can look back and see that God was carrying us through like a father carries his child.”

Eventually, Angelique’s husband was able to make a full recovery. Now, with guidance from her Pathway of Hope coordinator, she is moving closer to her lifelong dream of one day becoming a nurse – a dream you helped come true.

Thank you for your partnership that makes this work possible.

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