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Caring for anyone impacted by COVID-19

Please help us continue to provide support and assistance to those in need by giving to your local community.

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Stories of Those We Have Helped

The Salvation Army’s continued Response to COVID-19

Since March 2020, The Salvation Army has been actively responding to the historic health and financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amidst the devastating losses of the past year, we’ve remained strong and nimble to meet the ever-growing needs of the most vulnerable members of society.

2020 marked The United States’ most significant single-year jump in poverty since the government began tracking it in 1960. For more than 8 million Americans who have fallen into poverty since May 2020, the pandemic has dramatically exacerbated daily challenges, such as limited access to proper care, hygiene, and medical resources.

In fact, the pandemic -- when combined with existing epidemics of need – has been felt most acutely by those least equipped to endure it. To combat this perilous reality, The Salvation Army Empire State Division has:

  • Modified food distribution programs to focus on drive-through, grab-and-go, and home drop-off options, resulting in over 638,000 hot meals served, and over 483,000 food boxes delivered. 
  • Increased our bill pay assistance efforts to help vulnerable families stay in their homes via rental and utility support.
  • Supported first responders and essential workers via PPE drives and free childcare services, enabling them to focus on the fight against COVID-19.
  • Provided over 100,000 nights of shelter, in addition to daily sheltering services, for people directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic downturn.
  • Remained on the frontlines, partnering with government and health officials to mobilize region-specific support.

As needs continue to evolve, we will continue to pivot our service offerings. With the support and generosity of our donors, we will press on, doing the most good for all those impacted by COVID-19.

Ways We Help

  • Shelter
  • Counseling/Pastoral Care
  • Food Assistance
  • Grocery box deliveries
  • Serving hot meals
  • Financial Assistance

Coronavirus Covid-19: How you can help


The essential services that we provide on a year-round basis – homeless shelters, food pantries, disaster relief, veteran’s services and others – are for the benefit of our community's most vulnerable people. Because of a lack of information and access to good hygiene, homeless families and those living in poverty have been hit especially hard by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

We know concerned Americans are looking for ways to help during this crisis. The Salvation Army Empire State Division will continue to open our arms, hearts, and doors to those who need us, but our homeless shelters and food pantries are quickly reaching capacity. We are at work finding alternatives and solutions to this reality, like mobile food service and deliveries to families in need who are sheltering in place.

Please consider helping us help your neighbors in need during this crisis. You can rest assured that your donation will stay in your own area.

Q: How can I donate money to support Coronavirus COVID-19 relief efforts?

A: To support The Salvation Army, a monetary donation ensures we can continue service delivery in your community. Financial contributions allow us to quickly respond to changing needs, as well as support local economies through the purchase of goods. Every dollar gives hope to those living in poverty during this pandemic.

Your donations to The Salvation Army help us serve the most vulnerable members of your community. 

You can donate here. 

Q: Can I make a recurring gift?

A: Yes. The assurance of ongoing revenue from recurring gifts empowers The Salvation Army to expand our services further and faster. You can make recurring gifts here. 

Q: Can I donate food?

A: Yes. Local Salvation Army facilities are in need of the following in-kind items:

  • non-perishable food
  • baby supplies
  • hygiene products
  • cleaning and sanitizing items
  • paper products

Check with your local Salvation Army to learn what’s needed.

Q: Can I volunteer my time to the cause?

A: In some locations, yes. Please check with your local Salvation Army to see if there are any volunteer opportunities if you would like benefit your community that way.

Thank you to our COVID-19 partners

The Salvation Army is proud to partner with the following organizations who support our mission to meet human need during this health crisis.