Auburn Family Finds Educational Success Despite COVID-19 Challenges

Mar 1, 2021

When COVID-19 hit, an Auburn family found themselves up against what seemed like an impossible hurdle. Mike, the father, had lost his job and moved the family to Moravia to find a factory job. With no friends or family and being in a rural area, the family did not have access to transportation. Mike started to stress about accessing school laptops and internet for his children when remote learning began.


Mike also has a chronic health condition that impacts his ability to walk. He recently began seeing a primary care doctor. Mike’s original plan was to walk more than 3 miles to the school to get what his children needed but his condition coupled with the cold weather impacted his circulation and he could not. Mike’s fears and anxieties started to spike, as did many others due to the increased challenges from COVID-19.


This is when Mike turned to The Salvation Army and found Pathway of Hope. Mike wanted to get out of his situation and better his family’s life. His Pathway of hope case manager was able to connect the family with the school to get the laptops and hotspot for the children. The children were able to complete their schoolwork and Mike was relieved and grateful.


“Being able to provide my children their laptops empowered me to work even harder to overcome COVID-19 challenges,” said Mike. “My children can be successful despite my adversities.” The Salvation Army helped relieve pressures from COVID-19 and enable Mike to be a model father for his children.


Many families have found The Salvation Army during COVID-19 and thanks to our many donors, we have been able to meet the increased need for our help. If you are able to help us meet these needs, please click here to donate.

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