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We fight poverty with love Image

We fight poverty with love

By providing programs that serve the body, mind and soul, The Salvation Army helps alleviate the symptoms of poverty - and works to address the root issues that cause it.

Working To Make Ends Meet

There are many families on our community who are struggling to make ends meet.  Often, parents are working but aren’t financially prepared for an emergency or unexpected loss of income.

We use a client‐centered case management approach to empower families and address root causes preventing them from becoming more self‐sufficient. By breaking the cycle of crisis in conjunction with our extensive community partners, it offers a hand up as opposed to a handout and enables a path out of poverty.

Shelters/Emergency Housing

Everyone is welcome to come to The Salvation Army to get out of the bitter cold, intense heat, heavy rains, or just to have a safe and quiet place to spend the night. With every bed also comes a nutritious meal and a clean shower. Our shelter in Greater Cincinnati is open to women and children, and assist those in need with securing emergency housing.

If you are seeking emergency shelter, call 513-381-SAFE (513-381-7233). Once in the shelter, you will meet with a social worker to develop a service plan and assistance that may include employment or training programs, money management and life skills.

Transitional Housing

When you need a place to stay during the “in-between,” our transitional housing program offers shelter until you find a permanent place to live. If you’ve been evicted, are dealing with an addiction, face a domestic break-up or have another type of housing crisis, contact your local Salvation Army to find out what transitional housing options are available in your area. 

Those seeking housing assistance should call 513-762-5660, to schedule an in-person visit with a trained staff member.

Help During the Holidays

Every year, parents must choose between giving their children gifts or paying bills. Individuals facing poverty often spend the holidays without the warmth of a shared meal or even a support system. 

From gifts for children in need to special meals for those who would otherwise go without fellowship on the holidays and meeting other basic needs - we aim to bring joy back into the season.

Learn More About our Christmas Assistance

Rent Assistance

When you don’t know where the money for your next rent payment is coming from, check with your local Salvation Army to see if funding is available for rent assistance. This type of funding ebb and flows, but if we can help, we will.

Those seeking assistance should call 513-762-5660, to schedule an in-person visit with a trained staff member.

Utility Assistance

During a long, cold winter, your heat bill swells and you receive a notice from your energy provider that all utilities will be disconnected unless you can pay the overdue balance. Or, maybe a job loss forced you to choose between paying rent or paying your electric bill. You chose rent and just received an electric shut off notice. We can help.

Those seeking assistance should call 513-762-5660, to schedule an in-person visit with a trained staff member.

Alleviate Hunger

We feed people daily, including the most vulnerable of our communities — underserved children in our after-school programs, the elderly at our Senior Center, women and children at our homeless shelters, people looking to better their lives at our addiction recovery facilities, survivors rebuilding their lives after a disaster, and victims of human trafficking.

Salvation Army food pantries provide groceries for families and individuals in need. Food offered at no-charge to the clients. Call your local Salvation Army office to determine which food shelf serves your area.


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