Ceasefire Partnership: New Funding Needs

Aug 30, 2023 | by Stephen Ditmer

The Salvation Army has continued its commitment to providing New Yorkers with the opportunity to thrive for over 140 years. We have seen how a single interaction can be the springboard needed to put someone on the path to stability.

For the last decade, we have partnered with local government and community organizations through Ceasefire, a program that aims to keep high-risk individuals alive, safe from violence, and out of prison.

Through this collaboration, we provide pastoral care and counseling, as well as direct connections to The Salvation Army's vast network of community centers in and around the five boroughs of New York City.

As a trusted participant in Ceasefire, we have been petitioned by the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to expand our services to include assistance with transportation and attire for job interviews.

By supporting someone on their journey toward employment, we hope to begin a long-lasting relationship with an individual and their family that will prevent homelessness, promote safer streets, and provide educational opportunities.

We hope you will consider joining us in this new venture to uplift those who have been trapped in a cycle of crime, violence, and poverty. We are excited to offer this crucial lifeline to our neighbors who are at the highest risk of incarceration and recidivism.

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