Pastor Will Marotti and New Life Church Raise $25K for Ukraine Relief Efforts

Jun 1, 2022

WALLINGFORD – The Salvation Army was presented with a check benefiting our Emergency Disaster relief efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding countries by New Life Church Pastor Will Marotti. The parishioners of New Life Church, located at 350 High Hill Road in Wallingford, raised over $25,000.

“My grandmother was Ukrainian, so what’s happening to the people there is near and dear to my heart. I’m very familiar with The Salvation Army and the great work they do every day in our own communities, as well as communities around the world,” said Marotti.

Growing up, The Salvation Army provided toys for Marotti’s family, he said. His mother taught him to never pass by a Salvation Army kettle without making a donation.

This fundraising effort is not the first of its kind for New Life Church. They have held similar efforts to benefit The Salvation Army in aiding victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the 2020 earthquake in Puerto Rico.

Pastor Will is also a radio personality on WTIC-AM 1080 and plays an integral role during The Salvation Army’s Holiday Store. The WTIC-AM 1080 Holiday Store will celebrate its 33rd year this December. Last year, it raised $253,242.

Major Carl E. Avery, Divisional Secretary for The Salvation Army's Southern New England Division, mentioned that logistic companies, like UPS and FedEx, have provided free shipping to help his organization aid the people of Ukraine during the Russian invasion, which started in late February. The Salvation Army is also helping provide services for war refugees across Europe, Moldova, and Poland in particular.

“People know the Salvation Army is there … we have a footprint in the country and we can respond immediately,” Avery said.

The Salvation Army continues to house, feed, and provide hygiene supplies and other basic life necessities, as well as medical assistance and spiritual guidance to the thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

Sometimes this assistance comes in the form of a hot meal, clothing, bedding, a toothbrush, and toothpaste – and sometimes that assistance comes in the form of access to Wi-Fi or a phone, or a shoulder to lean on.

100% of the funds raised will benefit the Emergency Disaster relief efforts for Ukrainian families. To learn more about The Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Ukraine and the surrounding region or to donate, visit:

Help us make a difference! To learn more about partnering with The Salvation Army – contact Holly Fink at

Major Carl Avery, Divisional Secretary for The Salvation Army's Southern New England Division, Holly Fink, Events and Partnerships Manager for The Salvation Army's Southern New England Division, and Pastor Will Marotti, New Life Church


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