J.D. Finds physical sustenance and so much more at The Salvation Army of Newport

Sep 12, 2022

J.D. is a regular guest at The Salvation Army Newport center's soup kitchen on Fridays and Sundays. He has lived on the streets of Newport in some form for years and you can see him all over town riding his bike year-round- rain, shine, summer heat, and winter cold.

Recently, we chatted with J.D., and as always with him, the conversation centered around the world and Newport history. It never ceases to amaze me the sheer amount of knowledge and information his mind is capable of holding. It is also intriguing how much he wants to share that knowledge with others and socialize.

J.D. is an isolated individual, a pariah to some, different to others, but his need for community is vital. This Sunday, I complimented him on his shirt. J.D. conveyed that he was reluctant to wear it because he didn’t want to soil it while dumpster diving, a necessary part of this everyday life. He then showed me his regular shirt that he usually wore to crawl around dumpsters. It was filthy and torn in so many places that it was no longer wearable.

Gina, the Social Services coordinator at The Salvation Army in Newport, was able to find a couple of new men's shirts on site which she will offer to J.D. this week when he comes to our soup kitchen. The soup kitchen has less to do with physical sustenance and more about meeting every person where they are and helping to lift their lives in some way. We are grateful to know J.D., a fellow child of God, and to serve him.

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