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Growing to Meet the Need Image

Growing to Meet the Need

Better serving individuals and families in Fairfield County

The Salvation Army in Fairfield County’s vision for Growing to Meet the Need involves taking a strategic, life-changing approach to serving individuals and families in Fairfield County. This relational strategy focuses on providing hope to those who are in disadvantaged and vulnerable populations within Fairfield County.

 With intentionality and focus, our vision includes serving:

  • Seniors facing developmental, cognitive and social needs
  • At-risk youth
  • Individuals and families trapped in the cycles of poverty and despair

For over a century, The Salvation Army has remained true to its founder’s commitment to meet the needs of others—first, by meeting their urgent, physical needs, as well as by addressing the eternal and spiritual: “Soup, soap, and salvation.”


Serving Seniors

Senior populations in our community are rapidly growing. As family members age, additional care is needed. For many families, the primary caregiver is required to maintain employment outside of the home, often leaving the senior alone during the day or requiring families to place the individual in an expensive senior care facility. By supporting seniors, we support the entire family. As a leader in adult day services in southeast Ohio for more than 35 years, we seek to build on this tradition and experience.


Growing to Meet the Need will allow us to:

  • Increase daily capacity for our Samaritan Center for Adult Day Services to a minimum of 50 clients; facility potential to 100
  • Offer specialized care and client-friendly spaces to allow for a variety of client needs
  • Provide extended levels of care, including bathing and laundry services for clients in the program; exercise spaces; and three nutritious meals every day
  • Assist with transportation issues within Fairfield County by adding senior-focused transportation services
  • Expand case management and advocacy services for seniors and their families
  • Provide skilled care and training courses for caregivers and family members
  • Expand the number of days and hours we are open in order to address the needs of working family members


Our expanded programs and services for seniors and their families will:

  • Delay a senior’s placement in a permanent care facility (on average, by a year or more)
  • Improve the ability of working families to maintain gainful employment
  • Provide support for the family members of caregivers
  • Sustain or enhance the quality of life for seniors participating in the program



Serving At-Risk Youth

An increased number of at-risk youth are living in our communities. Single parent homes, latchkey youth, and other family issues are contributing to the rise. Statistically, 80 percent of at-risk youth do not have a secure family life, parental relationships or positive role model. With limited positive opportunities and transportation, a number of teenagers are turning to activities that lead them down a dark path.


Growing to Meet the Need will allow us to:

  • Provide structured youth programming for more elementary, middle school, and high school students
  • Expand our youth mentoring
  • Provide Summer Day Camping programs to support families when their children are out of school
  • Assist youth with literacy skills, particularly those in grades 1-5
  • Create safe spaces for youth, specifically in the areas of recreation and creativity
  • Extend academic support for those in junior high and high school
  • Increase the capacity for our Bridging the Gap life skills program for teens and young adults
  • Provide opportunities for youth to encounter Christ and grow in their spiritual lives


Our expanded programs and services for at-risk youth will:

  • Help more youth identify The Salvation Army as a safe place
  • Allow more youth to find a sense of belonging
  • Cause youth to increase their cognitive abilities—including improved academics
  • Provide opportunities for youth to express themselves through athletics and creative activities
  • Support youth in identifying and realizing their full potential



Serving Individuals and Families in Poverty

At the heart of the mission of The Salvation Army is meeting human needs in the name of Christ without discrimination. Our programs and services aim to meet those in the most basic of human needs. Within Fairfield County, 11.9% of the population lives in poverty—an estimated 17,100 individuals. Since 2006, food pantry use has increased 193%. The challenge for The Salvation Army and other basic needs support providers is to help bring people out of poverty. Our vision for the future provides for basic needs and creates a structure to empower families and individuals to move out of poverty to get back to living life again.


Growing to Meet the Need will allow us to:

  • Expand our food pantry spaces and food options to better address the hunger and nutrition issues families face
  • Extend available hours of our social ministries and add more support staff and services
  • Provide support group activities in collaboration with other community service providers
  • Create a job and life skills program, specifically focusing on clients ages 19 to 30
  • Provide case management services for those seeking to move out of poverty
  • Offer a centralized, accessible location for client support and training


Our expanded programs and services for individuals and families will:

  • Store and offer more food and needed items to individuals and families
  • Manage an active caseload of clients participating in case management services
  • Collaborate with area service providers to serve clients better
  • Identify and encourage clients who are transitioning from poverty to sustainability


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