Mar 2, 2020 | by Southwest Ohio Division

Thomas came to The Salvation Army with just the clothes on his back after an attempted suicide. “Call me an ambulance or call me a hearse. ”Thomas told this to a Walgreen’s pharmacist after swallowing an entire bottle of sleeping pills. He was tired of drugs, felt defeated by life, and just wanted it to end. A substance user for over thirty years, Thomas felt an overwhelming sensation when he first entered the doors of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center. Not realizing what that feeling was at the time, he now shares, “I saw God.”

Newsletter Spring 2019

Thomas credits much of his immediate progress in the program to prayer and a two-week mandatory personal reflection time. This time allowed him to embrace the quiet moments and concentrate on the new road ahead. “I’ve found peace, I’ve found God, I’ve found serenity, I’ve found life back.” The daily work routine of the program and integration of faith services allowed Thomas to keep his mind focused on recovery while rebuilding the foundation for his relationship with God. Thomas graduated the program in February 2019 and gained full-time employment with The Salvation Army.

He is thrilled to continue working at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center because he enjoys spending time mentoring the new members who are struggling to move through to their next steps. What once was a source of anxiety for Thomas just comes naturally now, and he has a deep passion to share his story with others. “I just want to give back. I want to pass on courage, strength, and hope to everybody I can.”

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