Struggling Couple Helped When they Needed it Most

Mar 2, 2020 | by Southwest Ohio Division

A service unit volunteer recently met a young homeless couple and their dog, who helps the woman with her physical impairment, PTSD and depression.

“These are the ones that really pull on our heart strings, because the shelters are usually full and we don't have another way to help them transition into a new home, only an outlet to refer them to,” said the volunteer. They were very young and didn’t want to abandon their service dog. With no friends or family in the area to help, they were living in a tent, with the promise of cold weather soon to come.

“Homelessness is a huge problem in this area and I think that a lot of people are oblivious to it, because they don't see it on an everyday basis like we sometimes do,” the volunteer said. But as a supporter with a huge heart, you see it. You can imagine the despair this couple feels not having a home or family to turn to for help.

Through your kindness, you helped The Salvation Army come through for them, providing warm clothes and food when they needed it the most.

“They were just really struggling and they seemed very grateful for our services.”

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