Additional Programs

Serving More People Than Ever Before

Additional programs provided by The Salvation Army.

In addition to the other social services listed in this section, The Salvation Army also assists people in need through services for:

Armed Services - The Salvation Army has a long, rich history of serving American military personnel that dates back to the Spanish-American War. That support continues today with humanitarian aid for civilians suffering the hardships of war and care packages and services for military personnel and veterans.

Booth Maternity Homes – Not long after The Salvation Army was formed, the first homes for women were established in London, England. In 1884 these homes were primarily for destitute women, and many who came were young, expectant mothers. The Army soon realized that pregnant women needed different care and opened a small “rescue home.” By 1887 rescue homes had made it to America. The first was opened in Brooklyn, NY. » Learn More

Community Care Ministries– Community Care Ministries is designed to motivate, mobilize and train soldiers, adherents and other volunteers to effectively carry out Christ's commission to care to those in need. There are no limits to show compassionate, transformational care, It is simply people caring for one another in very practical ways. » Learn More

Community Service Clubs – Those wishing to organize great events in benefit of their community and for their own personal growth are encouraged to volunteer and participate in The Salvation Army’s community service clubs. Salvation Army community service clubs plan various community-service projects, special events, and weekend retreats. Often hosting meetings over dinner, community service clubs offer a great way for men and women to connect with like-minded individuals to serve the greater good while enjoying fellowship, music, and speakers that motivate their endeavors.

Counseling – Various forms of counseling are available to meet different needs, including services for those living HIV/AIDS, and counseling focused on career, child/parent relationships, marriage, substance abuse, domestic violence or other issues, and more. Counseling is also regularly included as a component of other programs.

Family Services – Whether a family is traditional, blended through re-marriage, or a single-parent family, The Salvation Army supports that family’s strength and unity by emphasizing family values. Families are encouraged to worship and share time together. Financial assistance or case work and counseling are available as needed, and services to meet family needs are constantly expanding. Family service offerings vary in accordance with the needs of each community and are subject to location.

Mentoring Programs – Everyone needs a role model. The Salvation Army’s mentoring programs for at-risk youth provide vital role modeling and support for children and young adults in need of positive influence. These positive relationships empower disadvantaged youth to build self-confidence and character while improving their sense of identity and helping them to gain valuable life skills. Please see the Youth Services section for more information on youth programs.

Service Units – When no local Salvation Army corps community center is available, services may still be offered through service units. Service units work with committees of local citizens to identify and meet community needs. Such service units often work with state or national corps within The Salvation Army to provide extension of services to their area.

Women and Children – Disadvantaged women and children often present special needs. Guidance, parental skills training, counseling, support groups, maternity wards, and day-care may be available, depending on location. Women of all ages may also benefit from life and career skills development and support that promote their self-sufficiency. Please see Youth Services for information on services benefiting children.

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