Additional Programs

Booth Maternity Homes

Additional programs provided by The Salvation Army.


Shortly after The Salvation Army began, the first homes for women were established in London, England. Mrs. Bramwell Booth, daughter-in-law of the Founder, William Booth. In 1884 these homes were primarily for destitute women. Many who came were young, expectant mothers..

The Salvation Army soon realized that pregnant women needed special care and they opened a “rescue home.” By 1887 rescue homes were introduced to America. The first was opened in New York. Within seven years, 15 homes were operating across the United States.

Maternity Homes and Hospitals were established in the northeastern United States in:

Boston, Massachusetts
Buffalo, New York
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio*
Florence, Kentucky*
Flushing (Queens), New York
Jersey City, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Availability of Records

Limited information from the records of the former maternity homes and hospitals may be made available to birthmothers and children born at Booth with notarized documentation of their identity. It should be understood that The Salvation Army never served as an adoption agency. Mothers were referred to an adoption agency of their choice and worked with these agencies independently of The Salvation Army Booth Maternity Homes.

Birth certificates are provided by the Bureau of Vital Statistics from each state. Individuals born in a Booth Maternity Home should contact their local Vital Records office for information on how to obtain their birth certificate.

For further information on any of the locations listed above, please email: