Overseas Child Sponsorship Program

All children deserve food, friendships, faith and a future! Setting up a Sponsorship Has Never Been Easier

    Children and staff at Bapatla Girls' Hostel in India


    Joyland Girls' Home in Pakistan


    Homework Club at Rayito de Luz After School in Paraguay


    Bedtime Devotions at Penang Boys' Home in Malaysia


    Chimaltenango School in Guatemala

Millions of children around the world are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Education is a key in breaking this vicious cycle, as is letting the families know that they don't have to fight alone. The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship Program assists children in developing countries achieve their full potential.

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With the Overseas Child Sponsorship program, The Salvation Army assigns your contribution to support  The Salvation Army Children's Home, School, Tutoring program, After School Program, Preschool or Feeding Program of your choice around the world. Your financial support provides for such necessities as: food, clothing, shelter, medical care and an education to children in need by sponsoring their Salvation Army youth institution or program. Without your help many children would face a bleak future.

For more information about our current efforts please contact:
Major Tracy S. Hughes
The Salvation Army- Overseas Child Sponsorship Bureau
440 West Nyack Road West Nyack, NY 10994-1739
(845) 620-7435   Overseaschild@use.salvationarmy.org

Overseas Child Sponsoship Program

How does child sponsorship work? One of two ways!

  • If you are not able to sign up for an on-going sponsorship, you can make a one-time donation to a Salvation Army child program in another country.
  • If you are able to commit to at least a year sponsorship, your tax deductible sponsorship of $300 per year (paid annually, semiannually, quarterly or monthly) will enable The Salvation Army to provide a children's program in a developing country assistance for education and general care. The funds are sent to the local Salvation Army Headquarters which monitors the needs of the children in their center.

You would become a ‘Program Sponsor’ and support an entire institution, so that you can help all the children. Program sponsors receive a yearly newsletter from the institution, which gives information on events and the activities of the children. You will enjoy the pictures of these dear children. You are welcome to send an encouraging note to the children or staff, through our office.
Thank you for taking an interest in our sponsorship program.  You could change lives-really!

Information About Overseas Child Sponsorship


Frequently Asked Questions

What percentage of my contribution goes directly for the care of my child program?
We are proud to state that we send 100% of your donation to the specified Territory Sponsorchip Office. According to international regulations, less than 5% can be used for the administration of their sponsorchip program.
Are my child sponsorship payments tax deductible? Yes, all contributions to The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship program are fully tax deductible as allowed by the U.S. government.

What will I receive as a sponsor?
You will receive a packet with a picture of the program you are sponsoring, and any information we have on the program at the time. You will also receive brochures to share with friends, and a poster to display, encouraging others.

How is my sponsorship contribution distributed?
Your sponsorship contribution will be sent by wire transfer on a quarterly basis to The Salvation Army Headquarters in the specified country, with the specifics of what funds go to your center (or centers) that quarter.

How does The Salvation Army ensure that my sponsorship support will actually reach the program?
We conduct regular audits to make sure the funds are properly received and managed to meet the children's program needs. Our Sponsorship Director also has on-going email contact with the Sponsorship Directors in the other Territories. We also receive reports that include their budget.

What benefits will the children in my sponsored center receive?
Of course, some benefits will depend on the type of program you sponsor. The fundamentals for all Salvation Army youth programs are nutritional food and healthy conditions, along with support of education, (which may include the school tuition, uniforms and supplies) social skills, and encouragement for Biblical faith. The health of the children is also very important to us, so most centers work with a doctor or clinic for check-ups and immunizations.

Can I write to the children in the program I sponsor?
Yes, a card, postcard, photo or letter of encouragement to the children and staff is very appropriate. Your correspondence may take months to reach the center, so you just need to plan way ahead. Cards or letters that don't specify a holiday may be best.

Can I send packages to my sponsored center?
We understand your desire to send packages to the children, however, we are unable to accept them for the following reasons: high postal costs, complexity of foreign postal regulations, high duty charges in many countries, slow delivery and possible loss, theft or damage. However, a flat pack of stickers in a card might be nice!


What Centers Can I Choose From?

You can choose from the following three categories:

How Are Children’s Needs Determined?

How Are Children’s Needs Determined?
We assist children in the full time care of The Salvation Army or attending Salvation Army schools and day care centers who:
Have parents who are poverty-stricken, low-income, unemployed and/or single, or no parents living
Are female and have been rejected because of their gender
Suffer physical disabilities, often as a result of disease
Experience any combination of the above factors.

Other programs are created for children who have a home, but their families still struggle with little or no employment, or need care for their children so they can work.  Issues of clean water and nutrition plague families in many areas, so our centers are like an oasis, sometimes providing the only real meal the children will have.  You can help keep the doors to these crucial centers open.


Why The Salvation Army?

Sponsorship HistoryWhy Sponsor Through The Salvation Army?
Our program is simple and straightforward. We handle all sponsorships within Salvation Army-operated children’s homes, institutions, schools and day care centers, and worship & service centers called Corps. Your full donation is distributed through The Salvation Army in the recipient country.  You become part of a strong and trusted international community.  The Salvation Army has been functioning for over 150 years, and has work in 130 countries currently.

As a sponsor, you will receive at least one annual newsletter from the program you sponsor, including photos of the children.  You will also receive newsletters from our Territory’s Child Sponsorship Bureau, which will give you an idea what is going on in the larger Salvation Army sponsorship community. You can contact our Sponsorship Director by email (overseaschild@use.salvationarmy.org) at any time, or by phone: 845 620-7435.  Send us questions by regular mail or come visit us at our Territorial Headquarters located at 440 West Nyack Rd., West Nyack, NY 10994.



Telephone ReassuranceWhere Can You sponsor a Child Center or Program?
The Child Sponsorship Program currently operates in 34 countries:

South Asia Zone
Sri Lanka


Americas and Caribbean Zone
Costa Rica
El Salvador



South Pacific and East Asia Zone
Papua New Guinea



Africa Zone
Congo (Kinshasa)
Kenya (East & West)
South Africa/Swaziland



Sponsorship HistoryThe Salvation Army Child Sponsorship History
The Salvation Army Child Sponsorship program began in 1974, when Salvationists John and Mary Burn were asked by a Salvation Army missionary to find sponsorship for four Pakistani boys.

They advertised the needs of those first four boys in their Corps (church) newsletter, and by the end of the first day all the children had been sponsored. Word spread and the missionaries wrote with more and more children, while John and Mary found more and more 'parents'. Over 2,000 children are now sponsored through the program.

In our own USA Eastern Territory, a dear woman, Major Hildred Schoch, helped the program to expand greatly, and she visited many of the sponsorship sites, giving everyone a clear view of the needs and progress in these difficult areas of the world.  Though her life ended in 2012, we say that she was “Promoted to Glory,” and a Sponsorship Memorial Fund exists in her name.

For more information about our current efforts please contact:
Major Tracy S. Hughes
The Salvation Army
Overseas Child Sponsorship Bureau
440 West Nyack Road
West Nyack, NY 10994-1739
Phone: (845) 620-7435   E-mail: Tracy_Hughes@use.salvationarmy.org