Christmas Assistance

Making The Holidays A Little Brighter

The Salvation Army offers a variety of services to help families and 
individuals make it through more difficult holiday seasons.

The Salvation Army recognizes that holidays can bring added financial and emotional stress for families in need. Consequently, we offer a variety of services to help families and individuals make it through more difficult holiday seasons:

Housing Assistance – Sometimes those who are not homeless need a hand maintaining their housing, too. Such assistance may come in the form of temporary housing provided by The Salvation Army or rendering the financial assistance needed to help people maintain their shelter.

Utility Assistance – Helping families maintain their water and electric services brings light in more ways than one. Given the added financial burdens that holidays and the changing seasons can bring, The Salvation Army seeks to help struggling families maintain basic amenities.

Grocery and Food Assistance – The Salvation Army helps struggling families keep food on their table. Hungry people are also welcome to take advantage of the food assistance provided through The Salvation Army’s many soup kitchens. In some areas, prepared holiday meals are delivered to those in need.

Other Assistance – Without The Salvation Army and its efforts through the Angel Tree and other programs, many children would be without toys at Christmas. The Salvation Army assists needy families to ensure that their hardship is not suffered by their children.

Holiday Events Holidays provide a sense of joy and tradition. Even in especially hard times, acknowledging holiday customs may provide a sense of relief and peace. Because of this, The Salvation Army endeavors to spread hope year-round while also acknowledging religious and national holidays.

Board Chairman Rob Pace

Making The Holiday Season a Little Brighter

As a Christian organization, The Salvation Army shares the wonder of God’s love with those less fortunate every holiday season. Typical Christmas events may include a Christmas Concert or Dinner, and cards and gifts distributed to hospitalized youths and seniors. At Thanksgiving, meals are prepared and shared with the hungry. Easter eggs may be hidden for the joy of local children during Easter.

The Salvation Army strives to foster the comfort and cheer of holiday blessings in communities across the world while helping people to meet their basic needs. Other non-religious holiday observances vary in accordance with local culture and customs.