Elderly Services

Companionship, Events, Wellness and Caring

Come discover the many programs for seniors offered at many of our locations.

Those who are 55 years of age and older represent the fastest growing age category within our nation today. Given the immeasurable value this population has contributed to our people and our country, it is only fitting that The Salvation Army is dedicated to serving the needs of the aging in ways that support their continued dignity and honor.


Activities And Programs For Older Adults

The Salvation Army helps our seniors in many ways. Educational classes, day care, hot-lunch programs and pre-retirement seminars are just a few of the programs the Army offers. Each center provides a variety of activities to meet diverse needs. Here, in an atmosphere of understanding and respect, new friendships are formed and talents discovered.

Other assistance programs such as Salvation Army shelters or food programs endeavor to help seniors meet their basic needs and have access to increased physical and emotional security. Still other social programs, groups or clubs and special events help seniors to maintain their enthusiasm and vitality.

All of The Salvation Army’s senior programs work collectively to improve seniors’ quality of life. Please contact your local Salvation Army for specific information about the senior services and programs available in your area.