Missing Persons

Reuniting Family Members

Our primary purpose is to reunite family members who wish to find each 

Missing persons guidelines & Procedures

Inquiries are accepted for immediate family members only. The Salvation Army will not undertake a search for a missing person under the following conditions:

• Individuals seeking friends, i.e. not family members.
• Individuals missing less than six months.
• Adopted children seeking their natural parent(s), or parents seeking children, as we do not have access to adoption records.
• Cases involving custody disputes or "parental kidnappings".
• Cases involving debt collection, child support, or alimony.
• Missing or runaway minors (i.e. under 18 years of age), or searches requested by minors.
• Inquiries concerning an estate settlement, divorce or any other legal matters.
• Genealogical Searches.

On receipt of the completed Inquiry Application Form, the information will be examined, and if we are able to proceed, a reference number will be given. This reference number must always be quoted in correspondence or in reference to the inquiry.



  • Please, note that original signature is required.
  • Do not send any legal documents, photos, or certificates. These materials cannot be used for a search (except for overseas cases).
  • The $50.00 non-refundable Application fee is only a token charge. It does not cover the cost of setting up a case or searching for your missing person. Your further contributions to help offset the cost of this service are welcomed.

Searching for a missing person can be a lengthy process. Searches can last months or years. Kindly note we are not able to provide automatic case progress reports, although you are welcome to contact us from time to time to request an update.

Details of the search procedures and processes carried out by The Salvation Army Missing Persons Bureau will not be disclosed. We will continue a search until we are certain we have found the right person, or until we have exhausted all our resources on a person's whereabouts.

The personal information of the inquirer may be disclosed to various facilities and agencies for purposes of establishing contact with the missing person.  By signing the Inquiry Application Form, you are giving The Salvation Army permission to release your address, phone number, and reason for the search to the missing person, if located. The whereabouts of the missing person, if located, will not be divulged without his/her expressed consent. The right to privacy is a National Policy and no information will be released without the permission of the missing person.

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