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Salvation Army World Services

The World Service Office (SAWSO) meets the challenges of its mission on a daily basis: SAWSO supports and strengthens the Salvation Army’s efforts to work hand in hand with communities to improve the health, economic and spiritual conditions of the poor throughout the world.

Established in 1977, SAWSO specializes in the areas of community health; HIV/AIDS; food security, water and sanitation; microfinance; international anti-human trafficking and disaster relief and restoration. With a small staff, SAWSO leverages its impact through The Salvation Army’s worldwide network of churches, men’s and women’s fellowship groups and community care ministries.

SAWSO embraces community-driven solutions that improve living conditions; raise skill levels; increase productivity; and create community-wide participation for long-term development. This is accomplished by providing our local partners with technical expertise and facilitation of workshops on project design, planning, management, leadership and community development. Funding comes from both public and private sources.

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Annual Reports

Salvation Army World Services - Annual Report 2016
Salvation Army World Services - Annual Report 2016
Salvation Army World Services - Annual Report 2016