The Salvation Army: Jenny's Story

Mar 11, 2021 | by Massachusetts Division

Jenny Yulysse worked the front desk at The Salvation Army’s Boston Kroc Center in Dorchester; however, when fitness centers had to shut down due to the pandemic, her position was cut. While the Kroc continued to provide social services, Jenny was left without a job, but still valued the opportunities that The Salvation Army offered to lift people up in their greatest times of need. As a result of the pandemic, Jenny decided it was time for a career change and enrolled in the Kroc Culinary Arts Training 10-week free training program. Originally from Boston, she moved to North Carolina to save money and be with family while she is enrolled in the program which recently went remote due to COVID. With a passion for cooking and lots of energy she has found a niche – with a demand for private chefs for busy individuals and families who are now working from home while home schooling kids, Jenny’s remote business has taken off and she’s been hired to be a private chef and to do catering.

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