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South and Central America and the Caribbean

Overseas Child Centers in the Americas and Caribbean

Esparza Child Development Program -
Costa Rica

The Esparza Child Development Program Is located in Costa Rica. It is a new program at an Outpost. Children come after school and have a meal. They also have devotions time, games, and homework time with tutoring help. These activities help the children develop: physically, socially, educationally, and spiritually.

Tecpan Corps - Guatemala

The Tecpan Corps is in Guatemala. In addition to their regular youth programming, they serve children and families all year long.

Chimaltenango School in Guatemala

The Chimaltenango School in Guatemala is sought out for its high academic standards and Christian teaching.

Paraiso Outpost - Panama

The Paraiso Outpost is in Panama. Their Child Development Program has 15-25
children, ages 6-12.

San Pedro Sula Child Development Program - Honduras

The San Pedro Sula Child Development Program, in Honduras, provides food, tutoring and music lessons.

Managua Child Development Center - Nicaragua

The Managua Child Development Center, in Nicaragua, provides nutritious food, educational tutoring, and spiritual support.

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Whether you are passionate about protecting child victims of trafficking, ensuring children with disabilities receive quality education, or providing food, clothing and shelter to children who lack access to their basic needs, we need partners like you to help us provide essential services to children in need by sponsoring work that is important to you. Select a cause near to your heart or view a full list of our centers reaching children with the greatest needs.

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Bonilla Dining Room - Chile

The Bonilla Dining Room in Chile, is an after school program in Chile, with supper and tutoring for 3 to 11-year-olds.

The Las Acacias Kindergarten and Preschool - Chile

The Las Acacias Kindergarten and Preschool is in Chile, with forty-seven 2 to 4-year-olds, and thirty-four 5 to 6-year-olds respectively.

Evangelina Booth Girls’ - Bolivia

The Evangelina Booth Girls’ Home is in Bolivia. It cares currently for 25 girls and teenagers. They are between the ages of 6 & 11 when they enter, and stay until 18.

Flor de Bastion - Ecuador

Flor de Bastion in Ecuador has an after-school program. They also do a vacation Bible School, tutoring, and some medical care. The roads are unpaved, with no sewer system.

San Martin Day Open Center - Peru

The San Martin Day Open Center in Peru, provides a safe place for children, and help with their homework. Ages 2-16

El Redil Open Center - Paraguay

El Redil, in Paraguay, is an after-school program to help children from tough circumstances thrive and achieve, with music. Sponsors provide them hope.

Resistencia Corps After-school Program

At the Resistencia Corps After-school Program, music is a main feature. Keyboard, guitar, and singing are among the offered lessons.

Rayito de Luz After-school program - Paraguay

At the Rayito de Luz after-school program, in Paraguay, they practice all their school skills and learn about Jesus, to be “little rays of light.”

Evangelina Booth-Espacio Verde - Argentina

Evangelina Booth-Espacio Verde is in Argentina. Since “Green Space” is their name, they do activities outdoors, plus cooking & crafts.

Mendoza Tutoring & Fun Club - Argentina

The Mendoza Tutoring & Fun Club, in Argentina, is a great place for learning and making friends. Children develop educationally, spiritually, and socially.

William Booth Corps Children’s Club - Argentina

The William Booth Corps Children’s Club in Argentina serves 50 children between the ages of 4 and 16, and includes a Saturday Bible School each week.

Independencia - Uruguay

At Independencia in Uruguay, they learn early about nutrition, and much information that will help them grow up independent.

Arco Verde Integration Center - Brazil

The Arco Verde Integration Center is an after-school program in Brazil. Education is the priority.

Suzano Center, Lar das Flores - Brazil

The Suzano Center, Lar das Flores, is an early childhood center and campground in Brazil. It can accommodate 404 children.

Merida Children’s Home - Mexico.

The Merida Children’s Home is located in Mexico. Their staff has a flair for teaching the children how to make beautiful cards and crafts.

Irma Arellano Children’s Home- Mexico.

This Mexico city Children’s Home offers quality music instruction.

Duverger School - Haiti

The Duverger School is located in a very rural area in Haiti. Child ages are 3-12. They have Joy Hour and devotions.

Aquin School - Haiti

The Aquin School is one of more than 40 Salvation Army schools in Haiti. Parents have difficulty paying tuition.

Bethany Children's Home - Haiti

The Bethany Girls’ Home is located in Haiti. It can accommodate 32 children, 16 boys and 16 girls. Many are orphans after the earthquake in 2010. They go to school K-12.

Jamaica School for the Blind - Jamaica

The Jamaica School for the Blind serves visually impaired children as well. 110 students can live at the facility.

Hanbury Home - Jamaica

The Hanbury Home in Jamaica has added a Wellness Suite. Children’s health is a priority.