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Africa Centers

Overseas Child Centers in Africa

Carl Sithole Center - South Africa

The Carl Sithole Center has a crèche and community center. In the photo, they are rejuvenating the playground.

Chipo School - Zambia

The Chipo School is located in Zambia. You can see what they offer, and their Motto is “Success through education.”

Ethembeni Children's Home - Johannesburg

In the Southern Africa Territory, this home cares for those age 0-3 who need a refuge. Ethembeni, in Johannesburg, can accommodate 60 children.

Joyland Special Secondary School - Kenya

Joyland Special Secondary School is located in Kenya West Territory, and serves children with many disabilities.

Kabete Children's Home - Kenya

The Kabete Children’s Home is located in Nairobi, Kenya. It has 65 children ages 3-18. Some are orphans due to HIV/AIDS or traffic accidents. Some have suffered abuse at home. Love abides here.

Kakora Preschool - Zimbabwe

The Kakora Preschool is located in Zimbabwe, with 205 boys and 156 girls, all from 3-5 years-old. The children used to be left alone, while the mothers worked in the fields.

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Kolanya Health Center - Kenya

The Kolanya Health Center helps the children and the whole community. It is located in Kenya West Territory.

Mombasa Children’s Home - Kenya

The Mombasa Children’s Home is located in Kenya. Currently there are 60 children: 32 girls, and 28 boys. Love, discipline and Christian teaching help them to become excellent adults.

Mwiba Special Unit

The Mwiba Special Unit is part of the Mwiba Primary School in Kenya West Territory. They serve children with many different disabilities.

Pienar Crèche

The Pienar Crèche in South Africa, works with 1-5 year-olds to give them a good start, including nutrition. It is also an immunization clinic site.

Rubuye Preschool - Rwanda

At the Rubuye Preschool in Rwanda, students are always happy when deliveries of rice and porridge come, due to donations.

Runda Preschool - Rwanda

At the Runda Preschool in Rwanda, the young students work hard. Here they celebrate the end of the term and their achievements.

Xai-Xai Preschool - Mozambique

At the Xai-Xai Preschool in Mozambique, ministers to the whole child. Health and nutrition is very important at the school.