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South Asia Centers

Overseas Child Centers in South Asia

Tissot Sunrise Residential Hostel - Central India

Tissot Sunrise Residential Hostel is located in India Central Territory. They believe in education, service for the youth.

Joyland Girls' Hostel - Pakistan

The Joyland Girls' Hostel is in Pakistan. They enjoy recreation as a break from their studying. Badminton Is a favorite game.

Sheikhupura Girls' Hostel - Pakistan

The Sheikhupura Girls' Hostel is located in Pakistan. The girls are often in their school uniforms or native dress. It is a good place to stay while finishing school.

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Whether you are passionate about protecting child victims of trafficking, ensuring children with disabilities receive quality education, or providing food, clothing and shelter to children who lack access to their basic needs, we need partners like you to help us provide essential services to children in need by sponsoring work that is important to you. Select a cause near to your heart or view a full list of our centers reaching children with the greatest needs.

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Shiloh Boys' Home - Pakistan

At the Shiloh Boys' Home, in Pakistan, they make sure the boys have every opportunity to learn and excel. Notice the new backpacks.

Stuartpuram Girls’ Hostel - Central India

The Stuartpuram Girls’ Hostel is located in the India Central Territory. The school currently serves 30 girls from 4th-10th grades. “Through the sponsorship of India Central Territory, we were able to provide quality education, free boarding & lodging, and well balanced diet for all the children, in a pleasant atmosphere.”

Swedlanka Child Development Center -
Sri Lanka

The Swedlanka Child Development Center is in Sri Lanka, and was begun as a joint project with Sweden. It is a home for boys for up to 2 years, while their families work on various issues. They study and play games like Carom.