Tax Smart Giving

Planning and Executing Your Tax Deductions

Tax smart giving.

Through careful planning, it is often possible to make a gift far larger than you ever thought possible. There are many creative and tax smart ways for you to support The Salvation Army. Here are just a few of the many options which you may wish to discuss with your family and financial advisor.


Bequest in Your Will

A simple provision in your will to leave some of your assets to The Salvation Army will give you satisfaction in providing care for others. And you know your estate will receive significant tax credits that can protect your gift to your heirs.


Appreciated Securities

A gift of publicly-traded, appreciated securities to The Salvation Army qualifies for special benefits because of recent changes to income tax regulations. You enjoy seeing immediate results from your gift while you are still around and you enjoy immediate tax credits while eliminating capital gains tax.


Life Insurance

When you give a gift of a new or existing life insurance policy naming The Salvation Army as beneficiary you receive peace of mind in building a sizable gift for the future with small premiums now. You will enjoy income tax credits during your lifetime or your estate benefits after you die.

For Additional Information

For more indepth information on planned gifts, please visit our planned giving website.