The Salvation Army Provides Spiritual Support: Bill’s Story

Dec 9, 2020 | by Stephanie Rex

Bill Platt hasn’t missed a Sunday worship service at The Salvation Army North Boroughs Worship and Service Center since he started attending shortly after the new facility opened in July 2020.

Retired, disabled, and living just a few doors down from the center makes connecting with community and his new church much more accessible and easier for him daily.

“It takes me two minutes to get there in my wheelchair,” Bill, who is 55 years old, said. “When the building first opened, my girlfriend brought me here and I liked it and decided – this was going to be my church.”

In addition to attending Sunday worship services and weekly Bible study every Thursday, Bill also receives the spiritual support he needs from Lt. Tylar Melfi.

“I like the people – they are very friendly and nice and Lt. Tylar is awesome,” Bill said. “He has helped me a lot, and he prays for me a lot because I have some significant illnesses through no fault of my own, but that’s the way it is.”

Knowing he can rely on his church family makes a big difference for his outlook on life as he continues to deal with health problems today.

“I can open up and talk to Lt. Melfi about anything,” Bill said. “This is like a church that I can happily say – this is my home.”

If he’s feeling bored or lonely, Bill knows he can stop in at The Salvation Army in North Boroughs to say hello. Recently, Lt. Melfi assisted Bill in filling out some important medical forms he needed to complete for his doctor.

“It’s like a family to me and I really look forward to going there,” he said. “These doctors are taking a toll on me and what’s nice is that it’s so close. I like to go there, meet people, and talk to everybody, and make people laugh.”

Moving forward, he knows his church family will help him to keep his faith strong and his spirits up.

“I think it is important to have God in your life and keep him #1. That way if you have problems, you say, ‘Look God, these are my problems, help me deal with it.’ It makes my life better and I constantly pray. It makes a big impact and I think going to North Boroughs has helped me tremendously,” Bill said.

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