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Learning Zone Image

Learning Zone

A safe place after-school and during the summer to read, learn, connect with friends, play, and enrich the mind.


With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on the nation, it is even more imperative we are prepared to provide our children with quality supplemental learning activities, for students to receive one-on-one guidance understanding concepts and assistance with homework assignments, something that may not be available at home but is urgently needed as they take classes on-line. The transition to an on-line learning platform during the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened concerns about the long-term educational impacts caused by a lack of in-school instruction, which can disproportionately affect younger children, minorities, and those living in poverty.





Children receive help with homework, participate in enrichment activities in reading, STEM/STEAM, writing, college and career readiness, film making, and conflict resolution skill-building. In keeping with the mission of The Salvation Army, The Learning Zone is open and committed to doing everything possible to provide a physical and/or virtual safe place to continue serving our community of student learners throughout the COVID-19 health crisis.

The Salvation Army Learning Centers Open for Summer Camp 

June 28, 2021 through August 21, 2021  

The below are site locations and a copy of The Salvation Army Health & Safety Plans for Summer Campers and staff during the COVID-19 program period.

Please take the time to read how we will make sure to keep everyone's health and safety our priority. 

5830 Rising Sun Avenue, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19120
3150 North Mascher Street, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19133
1340 Brown Street, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19123
5501 Market Street, PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania 19139


Philadelphia Tabernacle

West Philadelphia


How we help empower youth:


The Salvation Army Learning Zone was established in 2004 to provide underserved children whose families do not have the means to pay for academic tutoring and extracurricular activities, a place to not only grow academically but also have fun. By providing a safe place after-school and during the summer to read, learn, connect with friends, play, and enrich the mind, we give at-risk children a healthy alternative to less desirable after-school options.


We have asked our gracious partner organizations to emphasize academic and innovative programming using a “Learning in Disguise” technique that will incorporate fun activities, along with embedded lessons of reading and math in addition to our standard academic curriculum. Since no two people learn at the same pace, goals and objectives can vary from person to person.


Curriculum includes STEM education, project-based learning, and music, that are incorporated to give children a more well-rounded education, broaden their knowledge, and help them discover new interests. The program runs in alignment with the Philadelphia School District’s academic calendar and summer break schedule for marginalized children in grades K-8. The children engage in quality academic and enrichment activities after school across five Corps Community Centers in the Greater Philadelphia region.

Children can engage in quality academic and enrichment activities after school at one of our five Corps Community Centers in the Greater Philadelphia region. 

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