Career Summit Inspires Work-Tech Students Prepping for Telecommunications Industry

Mar 26, 2019

Career Summit Inspires Work-Tech Students Prepping for Telecommunications Industry

Philadelphia (March 25, 2019) – Telecom industry experts, career coaches, potential employers and students gathered for the Work-Tech Career Summit in Philadelphia on March 6. The goal – to engage and educate those enrolled in The Salvation Army’s Work-Tech program about the importance of career development, preparation and networking.

“The event is meant to help reduce some of the intimidation that some students feel when interviewing and speaking directly with employers,” said Kristen Davis, Job Developer/Retention Coach, The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia. “The Career Summit gives the student an opportunity to really interact with employers on a one-on-one level.”

The Salvation Army Greater Philadelphia’s Work Tech program provides hands-on training to prepare students for jobs in the cable networking/telecommunications industry. The 12-15 week course, designed by industry recognized C-Tech Associates, is free to low-income individuals over the age of 18 who have earned a high school diploma or GED.

“This program is very valuable, because it helps different people from different walks of life who are trying to get into a new industry or further their education in the industry,” said Marcus Bruton of Philadelphia. “It’s really needed.”

In The Salvation Army’s Work-Tech program, students like Marcus receive lesson plans, interactive projects, and professional development training focused on copper as it relates to cable networking, students learn how to apply their skills to real-world situations.  Additionally, they receive life skills education, in which they learn effective communication techniques, critical thinking skills, interview preparation, workplace teamwork, and the importance for continuing education.

“I think the Work-Tech program is a great way to get folks started in technology,” said Charlie Moton, Regional Field Manager, Learning House, who served as a panelist at Work-Tech’s Career Summit. Charlie shared with students his personal and professional insight and advice on successfully entering the job market. “I feel the Career Summit was a solid exposure piece for both participants and the panel! I hope that the participants left the summit feeling that they have a sound base, but education is an ongoing process.”

Work-Tech students prepared for the Career Summit by researching the attending companies and individual panelists. Kristen said instilling confidence in her students is key to their success following their completion of the program in June.

“Many of our students do not have a strong support system present in their lives, so I want them to know that they are always supported by me, the professional community and The Salvation Army,” Kristen said. “I want all of the students to know how important and awesome they are in God’s eyes.”

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