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Red Shield Family Residence Image

Red Shield Family Residence

Offering loving, respectful, compassionate, and non-judgmental services in order to empower residents to strive towards self-sufficiency.

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The Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence is a safe and welcoming emergency housing program offering loving, respectful, compassionate, and non-judgmental services in order to empower residents to strive towards self-sufficiency. All family configurations, including families with teenaged children, and single men with children are accepted. Primarily, we serve young mothers with infants and single mothers with school aged children. Many of the women served aged out of the City of Philadelphia Department of Human Services system and have found themselves unable to access safe and affordable housing for their families.

Growing up in pervasive poverty these women have had to focus on the goal of survival and, as a result, lack the necessary skills and education to compete in today's economy. Most of these young mothers have self-identified as victims of traumatic childhoods; physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, and neglect. In fact, seventy five percent of our residents have openly reported personal histories of trauma.

Our Mission

Creating A Sanctuary:

The Red Shield Family Residence is a therapeutic community; where the power of the group creates healthy norms, healthy interactions, and subsequently, a positive sense of well-being for all. The community allows members to focus on movement towards the achievement of goals, emotional stability, and the ultimate aspiration of self-sufficiency.

 Contact Us

Address: The Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence 
715 North Broad Street, Philadelphia 19123

Phone Number: 215-787-2887


 Our Services:

Intensive Case Management 

Intensive case management services are an integral part of the services at The Salvation Army Red Shield. Case managers maintain a caseload of approximately 14 families, with both adults and children receive case management services. Research indicates one of the most important factors contributing to success in the helping relationship is the nature of the relationship itself. Smaller caseloads allow staff time to develop strong relationships with the residents they serve.

All new residents are assigned to a case manager within 24 hours of arriving at the residence. The assigned case manager then meets with the resident to complete a full assessment of the individual's strengths and challenges. Goals are established with residents focusing healing from the past in order to look forward to a brighter future. Our residents are connected with jobs, school, work programs and mental health, domestic violence and/or drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Room & Board

Residents at The Salvation Army Red Shield are provided private rooms. They are responsible for maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of their personal space. Staff is available with guidance and cleaning supplies to assist in this process. Residents learn the importance of maintaining a safe and clean environment, especially around small children.

While in the shelter, families are served three hot, nutritious meals each day. Parents are offered guidance from staff as to how to feed babies, toddlers and older children. Meals are held for residents attending programs, or working, and not able to return to the shelter during regular mealtimes. Early breakfasts are served to children who travel long distances to school. Bag lunches are prepared for residents who work or attend job training programs. Meal planning is culturally sensitive and meets the dietary needs of vegetarians and residents who have food allergies.

Parent & Children

The experience of homelessness can be particularly traumatizing for children. Trauma-sensitive, after-school and educational enrichment programs are offered to all school age children. The special needs of children from zero to five are met in the loving care provided in our Bright Space.

Programs include: 

Parenting Course: Three-session parenting seminars for our residents, Mom/Toddler bonding groups and more.

After-school and Summer Educational Enrichment programs are offered to all school age children. Additionally, the shelter works closely with the Office of Specialized Services of the School District of Philadelphia to ensure children’s academic needs are met. All children are assessed for outstanding educational needs and linked to services. Tutoring and homework assistance is provided on a regular basis.