Jobless and Low Literacy – How Dan Overcame the Odds with Pathway of Hope

Mar 17, 2021

Dan is an Oswego area resident who found himself jobless with a low literacy level. He voluntarily came to The Salvation Army for public assistance help and Kristen, a case manager for Pathway of Hope, saw optimism in Dan and connected him to the service. Pathway of Hope is a service offered by The Salvation Army for anyone who truly has a desire to better their lives and get out of hard times.

Dan came to The Army with a very low literacy level. His hygiene wasn’t the best and he needed help with parenting and housekeeping skills. Dan was also diagnosed with a learning disability. Despite all these things going against him, Dan has always kept a positive attitude and believed he would achieve more.

Kristen put Dan into the literacy program where he worked to increase his reading level by two grades. Dan also secured a job at Ruby Tuesdays as a dishwasher and surprised his caseworker by earning a promotion to Line/Prep Cook, a high stress and critical position in a restaurant.

On top of Dan’s professional achievements, he also worked to better his personal life. “Dan casually mentioned he quit smoking and I was like ‘Um, THAT’S HUGE!” said Kristen, Dan’s case manager.  Dan’s ability to nonchalantly quit smoking is a testament to the type of person he is. Someone who chips away at the challenge ahead of him and never gives up.

Dan continues to strive for more and has decreased his reliance on benefit assistance as he finds continued success. His positive attitude made him the perfect candidate for Pathway of Hope and has pushed him through to reach new heights both personally and professionally.

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