Pathway of Hope: Never Giving Up, Deloris Overcomes Many Hardships

Aug 10, 2022

For many years, Deloris longed to find happiness in Central New York. As a troubled teen, she spent time in a children’s home, as well as a lockup facility, struggling to find assistance to make something of herself. She eventually found her way to The Salvation Army and that’s where she met Lynette, a case manager for Pathway of Hope.

As a single mother of three living in a two-bedroom house, Deloris set goals for herself. Among these goals, Deloris seeks to move to Virginia, she wants to have consistent care for her oldest child who is medically compromised and cannot physically attend school, and she wants to provide a life that her children could look back on and be proud of. While working hard to achieve these goals, she obtained work in a nursing home as a per diem LPN, going to school full-time in hopes of becoming a certified RN. Having learned this about Deloris, Lynette saw the grit and fortitude in her attempts at building this life, making her the perfect candidate for Pathway of Hope.

“I admire this woman so much because she has shown me the importance of perseverance when facing adversity,” exclaimed Lynette. Now, seeing her life through a different lens, Pathway of Hope has allowed Deloris to see her life through a different lens and focus on the main priorities while not being overwhelmed.

Continuing to make strides at achieving her goals, Deloris has recently passed her nursing boards, solidifying her as a full-time RN. Pathway of Hope has been an advocate for her throughout her journey and she continues to focus on the next steps for her and her children.

Deloris' story is inspiring. She has endured many difficulties in her life, but she never gave up hope. She is an example of someone who was able to overcome her challenges and create a better future for herself and her children through hard work, determination, and resilience.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Pathway of Hope, please contact your local Salvation Amy Community Center.

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