Pathway of Hope: Tracy's Story

Jul 1, 2022

Going from one abusive relationship to the next, Tracy seemed to repeatedly find herself in the same situation. From her ex-husband trying to take her children from her to an ex-boyfriend taking over the apartment she pays for and making her believe that she is worthless, Tracy almost felt like giving up, but she was determined to get help and beat this string of bad relationships and toxic people.

Being a single mother of two young children, Tracy wanted to rid their lives of the abusive men that have emerged and sought out the light at the end of the tunnel. Tracy sought out the SOS Shelter which welcomed her to a safe environment where she could take some time and collect herself. Having been constantly stalked and followed by her past relationships, Tracy constantly felt like she was running away; this was her one true chance to start fresh. One month later, she received a call from a case manager for the Pathway of Hope. A place where God accepts people and helps them to not be put into unsafe and harmful positions – this was her fresh start.

“I trusted in God although I really had to work on my worries. I turned worries into God; trusting God and asking him to please be my hands and feet, please lead me where I need to go, I don’t know where to go, please help me, and I kept believing, hoping, having faith, and praying,” Tracy said.

Terrified to start over again, Tracy continued her faith in God even while facing the hardships of wondering where she and her children’s next meal is coming from and how to keep clothes on their backs.

“This was not easy,” she exclaimed. Through the Pathway of Hope, Tracy was surrounded by individuals that have faced a similar situation to hers. These individuals strived to make their lives better through the assistance of The Salvation Army and this pushed her to do the same.

After many years of hard work, Tracy is now a case manager herself and can provide families that are living in poverty with food and other services in the community. She has fought her way out of debt and is now able to provide for her family financially.

“I can help families and they can see I am living proof that people can bring their families out of poverty,” Tracy emphasized.

Tracy is now in a happy and healthy relationship with her boyfriend and feels blessed beyond measure at the grace of God. “One thing that I have always known is how fortunate I am to have a very supportive family that was always and is always there for me. My story would not be successful without them or God,” she said. “It certainly didn’t go as I planned although I am grateful, I can help others because of my story.”

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