You’re transforming children’s lives

Sep 1, 2023

Thank you for giving local children a place where they can form friendships and explore their God-given abilities.

When 15-year-old Katie arrives at The Salvation Army community center in Nashua, New Hampshire, she knows she's in a space where she is loved and appreciated

"I'm here four, sometimes five days a week," says Katie. "I basically live here."

After school, Katie comes to the community center, where she can eat snacks, have study time with friends, listen to scripture readings, and enjoy fun activities, like playing hide-and-seek and watching movies.

One Salvation Army volunteer named Mary has become a vital confidant.

"She's somebody who really understands me," says Katie. "She helps me clear my mind if I'm going through something. She's done a lot for me."

Katie has made lasting friendships in our youth programs. She's showcasing her talents as a pianist and singer with her friend, Jess, in The Salvation Army's Star Search, a music competition. She also looks forward to seeing her friend, Trinity, every day after school.

"We're super close," shares Katie. "We hang out all the time."

She knows she can count on our youth programs as a safe haven.

"The people here have helped me get through a lot," says Katie. "There's always somebody here I can go to."

Katie's experiences in these youth programs have inspired her to become a Salvation Army soldier and pursue a career in special education.

Because of your support, local kids like Katie have a community of friends and leaders who encourage them to learn and grow on their path to healthy adulthood.

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