Help Sponsor a Rhode Island Child For the Upcoming School Year

Jul 21, 2022

Since 1882, The Salvation Army in Rhode Island has been helping to meet the needs of individuals whose resources are inadequate to sustain them. One of the very gaping needs we have discovered is children who do not have decent clothing to begin the school year. In September of 2021, we were able to help 512 children with new shoes to start the academic year. At the same time, we observed firsthand the challenge to parents of having even one nice set of clothing to pair with those shoes. We would love to see that change in 2022.

Dressing children is very expensive, and it cost us more than $15,000 just to provide shoes. With clothing, even at the modest amount of $100 per child, we would need an additional $50,000 just to serve the children we have provided shoes for in the past. To provide clothing and shoes, we need a total of $65,000. That is what we would love to do this year. We are reaching out to our friends, asking you to be part of making life better, and the start of the school year easier, for 500 children across the state of Rhode Island.

Will you consider sponsoring a child for the upcoming academic year? The sponsorship levels are as follows:

  • Shoes for 1 Child                             
  • Clothes for 1 Child                             
  • Shoes/Clothes for 1 Child                  
  • Shoes for 10 Children                        
  • Clothes for 10 Children                    
  • Shoes/Clothes for 10 Children           
  • Shoes for 100 Children                     
  • Clothes for 100 Children                    
  • Shoes/Clothes for 100 Children 


I have worked with The Salvation Army since 1981, and through the years there have been very few items that impact families greater than the provision of desperately needed clothing. You can be a part of providing hope and inspiration to children who will be better prepared for their educational experience. To become a part of this wonderful service, print and fill out the sponsorship form and return it along with your check. It can be mailed to The Salvation Army, 386 Broad Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02907 by July 30, 2022. You may also contact Louise Rodrigues, Development and Community Relations Manager, at 401-831-1119 x206 or

For more information about The Salvation Army in Rhode Island and our services visit:

God bless you.

Major Roger Duperree
Rhode Island State Coordinator

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