Pathway of Hope Puts Woman on the Road to Success

May 19, 2021

When *Maria enrolled in our Pathway of Hope Initiative, she immediately began working with our Pathway of Hope Case Manager, Janette, to develop an action plan.  She shared with Janette that she would like to become a CNA or train for the medical field but first needed to obtain her GED.  This became Maria’s first goal.  After getting a referral to Adult Education, she immediately registered for GED classes, which she will complete in a year.  Today, Maria has completed her first semester with good grades, which she is very proud of.  Maria shared that she cannot wait until graduation to continue with her goals.  When Janette asked her about her other goals Maria responded that she would like to be a Bible teacher because she enjoys learning and teaching God’s word.

Photo has been changed to protect identity


“I definitely want to work in the medical field, psychology or nursing, even if I start by driving an ambulance” Maria shared. Maria registered for her 2nd GED semester which she awaits patiently.

When Janette asked about goals for her family, Maria responded, “I want my children to pursue their dreams and become successful not only financially but in all areas. I want my children to help and respect others and use their experiences to do so.” Also, she advises them that God should have a place in their lives.

Maria has found Pathway of Hope to be instrumental in putting her on the road to success. “It helped me to stay focused on pursuing my goals, not to give up on my GED and I have someone who holds me accountable by following up with me.”

* Name and photo changed to protect identity

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