The Right Place Nutrition Program

May 25, 2021

At The Right Place, we incorporate a unique Farm to Preschool model with the objectives of serving locally-grown, healthy foods to young children, providing nutrition education, and improving child nutrition.

Farm to preschool activities can increase children’s willingness to try new foods and help them become familiar with local foods they see in school. In order to accomplish this, we work with a local caterer to incorporate fresh and local food sources into the menu and incorporate nutrition education into our curriculum in partnership with Husky Reads and Little City Sprouts.

Husky Reads is offered through UCONN Health and provides basic nutrition information and healthy food tastings to the children in the program to encourage healthy eating habits.

Little City Sprouts is part of Hartford Food System and provides the children with the opportunity to taste fresh healthy food through food gardening, nutrition, and cooking lessons so the children get excited about adopting healthy lifestyles and eating patterns. The Hartford Food System also provides a weekly mobile market to families at The Right Place. Families can purchase fresh local produce using SNAP/food stamps and WIC.

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