When hardship strikes, we are here to help

Sep 1, 2023

You bring immediate aid and long-term healing to people affected by disasters.

When disaster hits a community, The Salvation Army is among the first to arrive to offer critical services. Basics like food, water, and housing assistance can be provided immediately, as well as communication assistance to help victims get in touch with their loved ones.

But our commitment to the communities we serve also extends to long-term recovery. By offering spiritual and emotional care, we can help victims and emergency workers cope with the stress of a catastrophe. We can also coordinate or assist with cleanup and reconstruction of an area, enabling the people affected to get started on the road to recovery.

And while it can’t undo the damage that has been done, we also offer financial assistance through short-term grants to provide medicine, groceries, and other pressing needs to people who have lost nearly everything. 

"God bless you for being here and helping us," one person recently told us while receiving food for their family after tornadoes, flooding, and destruction struck their community. "All of you at The Salvation Army are a real blessing. Thank you!"

Through your support, you can help make sure that we are prepared and equipped to respond to disasters when they happen and, through work with partner organizations, assist in the weeks and months of recovery that follow.

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