A Smile for a Senior

Feb 17, 2021

She walked slowly over to one of The Salvation Army officers and volunteers who helped her shop that day. As she came closer, the tears that welled in her eyes finally began to roll down her cheeks. She stretched out her arms to hug the volunteer who reciprocated. “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” she exclaimed. “You have no idea what this means.”

“I pay for everything for my kids, for my grandkids, and by the time I realize I need something for myself, I have nothing left to spend.” At this point, the volunteer was crying, too.

This is a common truth for many older parents and grandparents. They take care of everyone else before themselves. The Salvation Army and WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up helps seniors with that extra hand they need when their hands have been dealt, helping to keep them warm from winter’s cold.        

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