WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up warms the soul.

Dec 4, 2023

For more than 38 years, WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up has been keeping children and seniors throughout Western PA warm. We’re filled with joy to share these stories about the experience this program has created for those we serve.

John could barely contain his feelings during his project Bundle-Up shopping trip, browsing the aisles with his volunteer shopping mentor, eagerly selecting the winter outerwear which fit perfectly to keep him toasty warm in the frigid cold weather ahead. Just as soon as his winter outerwear was purchased, he decided to put it all on – the coat, hat, gloves, boots, and scarf, tags still attached – as he waited for his friends to finish up their shopping. John was so excited about his new winter outerwear that he couldn’t wait for the winter wind to blow to proudly model it in front of everyone, even if it meant being warm inside; despite a little sweat, he was all smiles!

This past winter, a Salvation Army Advisory Board member received a call regarding an eighty-three-year-old in desperate need of new winter outerwear. Through WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up, she received a voucher to shop and purchase a coat. After she made the purchase, she told The Salvation Army officers this was the first time in her life she was able to get a brand-new winter coat, instead of one that was secondhand.

As Megan shopped, her anticipation grew. Soon, she found the perfect purple coat and hat. A pair of warm winter boots was all she needed to complete her ensemble. Megan and her shopping mentor looked through the stacks of boot boxes when suddenly, her eyes lit up. She found a pair of black furry boots, sure to keep her feet warm! She said the boots looked exactly like the ones her friends wore. It meant so much to Megan not only to be protected from the elements – but to feel accepted, self-confident, and worthy of brand-new winter clothing.


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