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Last winter, the school social worker at a local school district reached out to WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up for support. Six students were consistently absent from school. After some investigation, she discovered they were missing the bus because they didn’t have coats to keep them warm outside. Most students aren’t going to school announcing that their parents cannot afford to buy them warm winter outerwear. Most will come to school without a coat, hat, gloves, scarf or worse yet, like the story above, they won’t come to school to avoid freezing at the bus stop. When your school hosts fundraisers for WTAE-TV’s project Bundle-Up, your students are doing their part to keep each other warm through the harsh Western Pennsylvania winters. Students are helping students without ever knowing it.

How to raise money to benefit your community and students

When schools fundraise for Project Bundle-Up students make a positive impact on their own community providing their peers NEW winter outerwear! By receiving the outerwear, children will grow in their confidence and self-esteem which will show positively in their attendance and academics.