Delaware Fights to Rescue Christmas for the Vulnerable

Dec 23, 2020

For the Salvation Army of Delaware, and like-minded organizations providing assistance to those in need, the coronavirus pandemic has been a double whammy: more people to help and reduced opportunities for fundraisers.

The Salvation Army continues to fight for the most vulnerable through its Rescue Christmascampaign which includes the ability to donate into a red kettle virtually.

Delaware state coordinator for the Salvation Army, Major Timothy Sheehan, told WDEL's Peter MacArthur on Del-AWARE Wednesday, December 23, 2020, that the red kettle bell has always been a sign of hope.

"I'm not in this alone. Someone does care about me and for me, and is willing to help me as much as they can," said Sheehan.

The need for assistance is up at all three of the Army's state locations.

"We're seeing a lot of people who have never had to use the services of the Salvation Army, or other organizations before, suddenly at our doors because of COVID," said Sheehan.

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"On the average, we've seen in all three of our locations across the state more than 100 new families come through our door looking for basic assistance and for that holiday assistance," said Sheehan.

And the pressure on the Salvation Army doesn't end with providing help, they're in need of some themselves.

"On top of that you add the COVID restrictions which have impacted our 130-year old red kettle effort," said Sheehan, and that leads to a lack of funds going into 2021.

To try and offset the limited red kettle sites, the Salvation Army has set up the kettle virtually to collect donations.

Just click on the Salvation Army's web site and select one of the three red kettles corresponding to Delaware's three counties.

According to the Delaware Chapter of the Salvation Army, they have provided 216,552 meals, direct assistance and emotional and spiritual support to more than 53,200 Delawareans. They also provided safe shelter to 16,872 Delawareans who had nowhere to go.


Original Source: Wdel News

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