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Overseas Child Sponsorship

Join our community of compassionate world changers committed to children rising above poverty and into a full and dignified life.

Hey, world changer

We partner with people like you who are committed to helping children live a life free from poverty through a sponsorship model that supports the holistic development of children from poor communities. Our schools, children's homes and after-school programs ensure children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and become agents of transformation in their own communities. 

We believe every child deserves quality care, education, spiritual and financial support through their formative years, and we need your help to succeed. Here's how:


Partner with a Salvation Army school, children's home or community center serving children from poor communities.


Provide a $25 monthly sponsorship to directly support the physical, social, emotional and spiritual development of children.


Help children reach their full potential and become agents of transformation in their own communities.

As A Sponsor, You Can Support A Cause You Believe In.

Whether you are passionate about protecting child victims of trafficking, ensuring children with disabilities receive quality education, or providing food, clothing and shelter to children who lack access to their basic needs, we need partners like you to help us provide essential services to children in need by sponsoring work that is important to you. Select a cause near to your heart or view a full list of our centers reaching children with the greatest needs.

Children's Center Highlight

Bethany Children’s Home, The Philippines


Bethany Children’s Home looks after the health and well-being of each child and provides medical care within the home as needed. We make arrangements for girls to be taken to the hospital as needed. Bethany also attends to children who may need care during the night and sees to it that the children under our care are provided with well-balanced diet, clothing and other personal needs. Our program ensures that girls maintain good grooming.

Sustaining Excellence at Bethany Children's Home

During this time of pandemic, we are fortunate enough to partner with KonsultaMD continuously, so girls can avail their monthly virtual consultation. All our girls underwent annual laboratory and medical checks-up. They have regular intake of vitamin C with zinc and multivitamins.

Case Management

Home visits and out-on-pass currently aren’t possible due to the pandemic. However, the Home sees to it that our clients’ continue to communicate and see their supporting families and relatives, Thus, we ignite the virtual and family conferences to update the case status of our clients’ families.

At The Salvation Army, We Know What It Takes To Do Good.

Like you, we believe every child deserves to experience a full and dignified life. That's why advocating for the rights of children has been an integral part of our ministry since the beginning of The Salvation Army history. Now with over 150 years of serving those with the greatest needs, The Salvation Army has provided thousands of children with holistic care in our children's homes, schools, and child development centers operating in the most impoverished communities around the globe. Join us as we seek a world where every child can thrive.

Our Mission & Ministry

Our Vision

Motivated by the love of God, The Salvation Army's Sponsorship Program aims to ensure the holistic development of children. By demonstrating God's love in action, every child will be loved and valued and given the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute back to their families and communities.

Who Are the Children We Serve?

Around the world, The Salvation Army works in impoverished communities providing children affected by poverty, abuse, neglect, and trafficking with essential services and compassionate care in children's homes, schools, and community centers. We believe in the inherent value of every child and serve children in need without discrimination.

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