DIY Collection or Food Drive

DIY Collection or Food Drive Image

Everyone's got some extra soup, canned veggies or shampoo at their place...lead a collection or drive for those in need!

This can be done anywhere in Monroe County on your own, as a family, as a group or a company.

You choose the dates of your collection…we provide you with branded Salvation Army bags (a list of needed items is attached) to distribute. Collections can be done in residential neighborhoods, through company staff/clients, churches, organizational members, etc.

Select the date for filled bags to be picked up or returned, and we’ll schedule your pick up or easy drop off. 

  • Items in most need at our homeless shelter are: toothbrushes, deodorant, socks (all genders and sizes), and toothpaste/hygiene products. Always needed are chap sticks, hats/gloves, lotions, and breath mints/candy.
  • Items needed for our children's programs are: kids puzzles, games, balls, outdoor toys, and arts and craft items. 

Email Maureen at to get your collection or food drive started!