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Mission: Literacy Image

Mission: Literacy

Help children discover the joy of reading God’s word.

What is mission: literacy?

Mission: Literacy is a multi-cultural, scripture-based literacy curriculum that has been developed by the American Bible Society in conjunction with the Bank Street College of Education.  The program has been designed to equip children and adults with necessary literacy tools as well as character-building scriptures for daily living.  Its target audience is individuals struggling at a first through third grade reading level.   It is implemented in the economically and academically at-risk communities in which The Salvation Army serves.

To ensure Biblical accuracy and richness, all materials have been vetted by the American Bible Society’s NIDA Institute for Biblical Scholarship.  Each lesson contains background information on the bible story featured as well as a list of commonly questions asked. 

Mission: Literacy provides a unique opportunity for ministry.

Most of the low-income students we work with have the intelligence to do well. They just need help to catch up. The Salvation Army can reach out to their need with the God-breathed scriptures and instructional guidance of Mission: Literacy and support their growth academically and their understanding of the God who is there for them.

What Materials Make up the Mission: Literacy Curriculum?

For Children

The texts are 30 bible stories, each in a beautifully illustrated 28 page book.

The lesson plans for each story are on the website - listed under Volumes 1 to 5. Each easy-to-follow lesson plan includes learning activities and relevant pages from the Alphabet and Phonics Book with illustrations based on biblical vocabulary.

For adults

The texts are the same 30 bible stories, but they have been grouped into 3 books of 10 stories each.

The lesson plans for each story are on the website - listed under Books 1 to 3.