Community Care Ministries

Salvation Army Community Care Ministries


What Is Community Care Ministries?

Community Care Ministries is a program of the Salvation Army that involves Christian volunteers who have a desire and the ability to reach out to the needy and vulnerable around them and in this way demonstrate the love of God.

Community Care Ministries is simply people caring for one another in very practical ways.  It is the opportunity to reflect God’s love into the difficult times of life. 

Community Care Ministries is designed to train people to bring comfort, cheer, or practical help to those who are often the weakest, most vulnerable, and forgotten of our society.  It is doing something good for someone else.


Mission Statement

The Salvation Army Community Care Ministries seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ through caring and practical service that meets human needs and transforms communities.


Community Services

Community ServicesWork on beautification projects such as park clean-ups & planting flowers. Help or organize events such as block parties, parades or carnivals. Also, provide needs-oriented services such as visits, cleaning or helping with groceries.



League of Mercy

Visitation to hospitals & nursing homes. Other opportunities include worship services, individual visits, adopt-a-grandparent, seasonal gift distribution & special events.



Prison Ministries

Prison MinistriesVisitation & worship services. Providing services to families such as transportation, Christmas parties for children or simply writing birthday cards.


Telephone Reassurance

Telephone ReassurancePhone someone who is lonely. Be a part of a Telephone Ministry through conversation, connection, concern & compassion.


Practical Services

Practical ServicesProvide transportation or acts of kindness such as helping with meals, groceries, cleaning or childcare. Read to a child or share a hobby with a youngster. Write letters for the incapacitated such as sending cards for birthdays or holidays. Get involved with “pet therapy” at nursing homes or hospitals. Throw a party!



Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS)

Community Care TrainingMany know of the work of The Salvation Army during war time. Many Veterans tell stories of how they were served by The Salvation Army. Most notably the Doughnut Girls from World War I. Today The Salvation Army is nationally a member of the VAVS along with many other organizations. It is our desire to service our hospitalized veterans through the Community Care Program, as well as honor them by participation in special events held by the VAVS.

Be a VA Medical Center Representative or a Deputy Representative. Join in the celebration of the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans, as well as the celebration of the VAVS Salute to Veterans. Be a part of the VAVS Advisory Committee & do regular & seasonal visitation. If the volunteer will be visiting the VA medical facility on a regular basis, he/she must comply with VAVS regulations.
» Download SNE Veterans Event (VAVS)

Community Care & Youth

Community Care & YouthYouth are welcomed as Community Care volunteers. Teaching our youth to care for others in our communities is an important value. There is training available.



Community Care Training

League of MercyEvery volunteer must complete a basic training, which can be done at your local Salvation Army. There is also additional training available for each of the volunteer opportunities.




How do I join?

The Salvation Army Community Care Ministry worker should possess a genuine Christian experience and have a sincere desire to give Christian service to others in practical ways who cannot help themselves.

There's a place for you!

Community Care In Action

• A church member had a stroke in May 2014. Most of Community Care members visited her in the hospital and prayed for her. She was discharged from the hospital. She didn’t have any insurance or transportation. She needed to apply for Medicaid as well as visit the doctor. A Community Care member gave her a ride to the Medicaid office as well as gives her a ride to her doctor appointments whenever she needs.She gets weekly phone calls by a Community Care member.

• One of the most moving visits was with a woman who is in jail. Our purpose as Salvation Army officers is renewed with every encounter in this seemingly hopeless place. The woman visited was facing 18 years for manslaughter. She wrote to us through the Anti-Human Trafficking case worker and requested a pastoral visit. When we went, she could not believe that we actually made time for her. We will continue to visit her.

May Visitation to Louis B. Stokes Veterans Hospital

“During our May monthly visitation, the volunteers helped deliver cards to some of our veterans at The Louis B. Stokes Veterans Hospital. The volunteers would walk into the veteran’s room and introduce themselves. They greeted them by saying, ‘These cards were made to say thank you for your service to our country.’ In our distribution we gave lap robes, toiletries, puzzles and cards. The cards were the biggest hit! One man replied ‘thank you for thanking us.’”

-Major Diana Capanna

 Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary for Northeast Ohio.

The cards were created by employees of The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters in NY during National Salvation Army Week.


We Passed!
Meet Sofie.  Sofie is a Labradoodle.  Sofie loves being around people & goes everywhere with her owners.  Not only is she a loving member of Debra Hamilton’s family, she’s NEOSA’s therapy dog!

(L-R: Donald Hamilton, Sofie, Debra Hamilton) (Sofie visiting Millie at the nursing home)

She was trained for 2 years (she just turned 2 in June) with the help from TDI. (Therapy Dogs International)  Sofie recently received her certification & has been visiting nursing homes making anyone who comes in contact with her smile.