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Camp CONNRI Faith Based Summer Camp Image

Camp CONNRI Faith Based Summer Camp

Ashford, CT

Parent Information
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Camp CONNRI Faith Based Summer Camp

A Great Place to Be

Camp Directors

Captains Joshua & Michelle Jones


About Camp CONNRI

Camp CONNRI is situated on 272 acres of rolling hills, overlooking a pristine 50-acre lake in Ashford, Connecticut. Campers enjoy a wide variety of activities including: swimming, hiking, fishing, kayaking, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, nature studies, arts and crafts, low ropes, geocaching and much more. The camp offers a safe, Christian environment that nourishes your child's physical growth, mental maturity, and spiritual enthusiasm. Activities are under the supervision of certified, experienced personnel, where the safety and welfare of all campers is a primary concern of every staff member. The Camp is proud to be accredited by the American Camping Association, the State of Connecticut, and The Salvation Army.


Dear Parent/Guardian

Thank you for your consideration of sending your child to The Salvation Army's Camp CONNRI! We encourage you to fill out your application completely in order to secure a spot for your child.  Below is some helpful information to help you as you make plans for your child's stay:

While at Camp

During your child's stay at camp, we will do all that we can to ensure that your child has a safe and rewarding experience. The camp staff works very hard to make sure every camper has a safe, healthy and enjoyable camping experience. All activities are carefully supervised by trained camp staff and a nurse is in residence at all times.

Camp CONNRI is a Christian camp. Daily morning and bedtime devotions are a part of the regular schedule. The last evening of camp is set aside for a special presentation called "Jesus Theatre" where campers will experience a visually compelling dramatic presentation of the Gospel. Campers also start each day with Morning Discovery: an exciting time of singing coupled with a themed devotion for the week. Each evening the campers have a special devotional time with their counselor.

Other daily activities throughout the week include athletics, arts & crafts, boating, climbing tower, hiking, low ropes course, nature study, swimming and clubs.

During camper orientation on opening day, counselors spend time going over the camp rules: respect for each other, respect for the staff, respect for camp property, respect for nature, and respect for God. Camp staff are expected to show respect for campers at all times as well. The entire camp is introduced to the Camp Motto on the first night which is : Love God, Love Each Other, Love Camp and Have Fun.

Your child will get a full camp experience, including sleeping in a cabin with up to eleven other children in the same age range. Members of the counseling staff supervise the campers at all times, and sleep in rooms attached to the cabins. A complete list of what your child should bring to camp will be provided when you complete the application. It is important to note that we ask that campers do not bring any of the following items:  

  • Any electronics (cd players, mp3 players, iPod, iPad, cell phones, gaming devices, etc.)
  • Knives of any length and any kind of gun or weapon
  • Expensive personal items (name brand shoes, clothing items, toys, etc) that could be damaged or ruined

It is a good idea to mark child's name on personal items for quick and easy identification. The camp will not be responsible for lost or damaged items or clothing, so we recommend old clothing be brought to camp by campers. *There is so much activity going on at camp that children often misplace clothing in various locations. If the clothing is marked with their name, our staff will make every effort to return it them before leaving.

Communication with Your Child while at Camp CONNRI

While phones and computers are not available to campers, you can email your child as often as you like. We will print the email and deliver it to your child. You can also see pictures of them on our Facebook page. Pictures are uploaded daily. You can like our page "The Salvation Army Camp CONNRI" to see pictures, newsletters and posting of what your camper is doing every day. Personal messages can be written to your camper through private message on our Facebook page or by emailing us at

While we understand that it can be difficult to be away from your child when the are at camp, surprise visits or phone calls usually only disrupt their stay and often cause children to become homesick. Encouraging emails to your child is the best way to let them know you are thinking of them.

If you would like to visit camp, please schedule a time with our Camp Director in advance. Unscheduled visitors will be asked to leave the campgrounds for the safety of our campers. We discourage visits while your camper is at camp because it often insights homesickness and disrupts the overall camper experience. We encourage parents and campers to schedule a visit of the camp before they come to stay with us. 

In Case of Emergency

Should an emergency arise and you need to contact us or need us to deliver a message to your child, please do not hesitate to contact us at 860-429-6401. This number is for the camp office and is active July through August, 9:00am -4:00am Monday through Friday during our camping season.

In the event that it is necessary for you to pick up your child early from camp, please call in advance. We will only release campers to the parent or guardian listed on the application form and you will need to show valid Photo Identification.

Please be advised that Camp CONNRI may call home if their behavior is disruptive or harmful to other campers or staff. Parents or guardians are required to arrange travel in these cases.

In the case of illness or injury, it may become necessary for a child to leave camp early. Please be sure that the names and phone numbers for your emergency contacts are correct and working properly. In the event that we cannot reach the parent or guardian, this information becomes extremely important. If you will be unavailable while your child is at camp, please provide the camp with a phone number where you can be reached. 


Whether this is your child's first visit to camp or they are a veteran camper, the experience can be an adventure and a memory of a lifetime. We hope that your child's stay at Camp CONNRI will be filled with lifetime memories. We look forward to seeing your child this summer!

Contact Us

28 Happy Hill Lane, Ashford, CT 06278
Just 6 miles off I-84 (Exit 69)
(860) 702-0000 / Fax: (860) 429-4189